Updated 16-05-09





Welcome to the Constant Fear website


Constant Fear Are

Joe - Vocals

Watty - Guitar

Stoo - Bass

Craig - Drums

Toe knee - guitar


Just asking, does anyone read this webite or am I wasting time cos the only emails I seem to get are spam, ;(

We are off to Ireland in June to tour with Droppin Bombs, first gig is in Dublin with Amebix at The button Factory, we are then off to Galway, TBC, then Belfast.


Amebix are playing Glasgow at barrowlands 2 on 23rd June with us and Extinction of mankind

We are then back over to Ireland for the drumacanoo fest and recording second album, so a busy few weeks coming up.

Hopefully we will be in Belfast in June to record our 2nd album, which will be realeased on Belfast Records. Also, the Unforgivable cd is available from us and Belfast recs as well.

Big gig in April at Nice and Sleazies in Glasgow. Sedition, Constant fear, Bri Death (ex disaffect) and Ceasfire (their second gig). So if anyone actually comes tot his page and is in Glasgow then, come see us.


We are also looking for gigs, as we only have 3 for this year so far, so anyone that can get us gigs please get in touch.

Fucken hell two updates in one year. Many thanx to everyone who helped us out with gigs, places to stay or came to gigs and danced to us and supported the local punk scene. We have a gig in Glasgow on 14th Dec at the Halt Bar, free gig for the punks, along with Ceasefire (1st gig for them), Dogs abuse and the Fuckups.


Also New pics up

Big thanx to Roy at Belfast Records for all the stuff he has done for us and will be doing next year. Big thanx also to Luke and all in Social Parasites (young punks ya bas) and major hugs and kisses to Herwin and all the Bad Influence guys for the mini tour of Belgium back in June as well As Fred and T'Vettig Front. Hopefully see you all in May 2009.

If anyone has any pics of us from Gigs any chance you could forward a copy on to us at the email address?

Our new demo is out and is sooooo much better than that last one. Hopefully Belfast Records will be putting it out and then hoping Roy will let us loose in his recording studio to do an album.


Also put the links to our myspace page.
Glasgow Gig Collective has been on the go now for a few months. The myspace link is in the links page. Drop by, have a look and support yer local scene.



Cheers Joe / Constant Fear